Degenerate-III Musou Mobile game Now Open for Subscription!


“To be a degenerate for one day, then always be a degenerate for the whole life.” Developed and researched independently by NebulaJoy and authorized by Rosen Digital, the authentic-3D Musou mobile game Degenerate-III is now ready for reservations. Players can feel free to register for the game for the sake of an early sneak peek of the skills.

To feel authentic-3D radical wars and to enjoy a ride facing thousands of hostile soldiers sweeping through the battlefield.

In the end of troubled times in Tang Dynasty, there exists the fragmentation of a country by rivaling warlords. To protect mundane people, players can be the inheritors from Li Xinyu, the protagonist of original game, so as to experience all the plots within these three seasons.

The offspring from Li Family or in other words, the organization which is only dedicated to the emperor, the loyal gamers determine to fight against the rivals till the end.

Being an unprecedented mobile game with the elements of authentic-3D Musou battle actions, Degenerate-III has invited cool feelings of Musou playing methods to immersive experiences for players of the action games. Playing the game with Double rockers draws on random style, allowing you feel heaven-sent essences of Musou-series games by “A soldier in charge will be invincible when facing tremendous number of enemies.”


Panoramic vision of martial art, film-like graphics of martial world

The game has depicted impeccably the sceneries of East of Eden on the level of retina resolution ratio. There’s luxuriant foliage of bamboos in the Green City Mountain, with rippling lake in front of crude location where swords are accessible, as well as the horses’ hissing sound at the door of garrison valley. Every graphic is worthwhile being collected by screenshot and shared with your peers. East of Eden have well-deserved reputation!


Intertwining virtual and real worlds to create the harmonious sensation between the divinity and the mortality.

To realize much more nuanced immersive feelings in the mobile game Degenerate-III, which has built-in interactive systems of real surroundings, the gamers are endowed with quite a few unpredicted details, such as witnessing the changes of daytime and nighttime, boiling water for cooking rice from time to time, swimming in the lake whenever you like, observing the atmospheres in the marketplace, grooving on the serenity on common days. Designers have already arranged more particular plots for gamers to undergo romantic themes within the martial world where evil and goodness coexists.

Highly-free exploration and more mysterious skills are going to unfold one after another!

As a knight-errant in the world of degenerate, you’ll discover that all the roles have their exclusive missions and plots. Gamers are expected to experience the legendary life with quirky twists, to explore the enjoyable martial art accompanying with high freedom, to roam fortuitously between the sky and the earth; moreover, to develop the level of intimacy among the knights- errant to call for all abler people for uttermost achievement.

Are you ready for this breathtaking martial world?


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